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Vendor Contracts Audit

Mind the Gap between Procurement and Accounts Payable

Our Vendor Contracts Audit reviews what you are supposed to have paid your vendors (under the terms of your vendor contracts and agreements) against what you have actually paid them.

We seek out goods and services that have been overcharged against the agreed terms. This may be due to price differences, length of contract, volumes or all manner of clauses that your agreements may contain.

We do not compete with your buyers or advisers. We do not judge whether your contracts are commercially astute. Our role is to establish precisely what you have contracted to pay and ensure that corresponds to what you have actually paid.

We research records and gather relevant data; we interrogate transaction data, contract databases and inspect supporting documentation to determine any overpayments or under recoveries.

Our audit team carries out the work of identifying and following up all potential recoveries and subsequent queries.

We present our findings to the Client before a formal claim for recovery is made to the vendor in question. We only review historic transactions and we are only paid our contingency fee when you have had value for the item in question.

Recoveries in the area of utilities and telecoms will often be a significant part of the total sum returned from the vendor contracts audit.

Most companies are overcharged somewhere along the line by their vendors, for an extreme example click on this link: MOD massively overcharged for fuel

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