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Statement Credit Audit

Vendors will hold onto your old credits and overpayments…

Our Statement Credits Audit ensures that all unrecognised credits and cash balances due to your business are verified and claimed, leading to an instant improvement to your net profit and cash position.

We review vendor accounts and transactions in a deep and unique way, leading to exceptional results from this audit segment. Our contact programme is incredibly thorough meaning that this audit can account for 50% + of total audit recoveries.

Our total focus is on building excellent working relationships with your vendors. As well as acting as ambassadors for our Clients, this approach also maximises the information flow to our audit team.

Many of our Clients now recognise the need for a continuous rolling AP audit. The average age of recovered vendor credits is around 6 months. As vendors are continually “retiring” or writing-off credits, a one off recovery audit every year or two will probably only recover 50% or less than could be

This audit is carried out 100% off-site at our offices to minimise any disruption to your business and all claim items are pre-authorised with the vendor in question. Our fees are only due when you have received financial benefit via refund or realised deduction from the vendor account.

All claims, with full audit trail, are viewable 24/7 on our online Claims Portal. As all claims are pre-authorised and available on our Portal, ongoing Client time to support our Statement Credit Audit is minimal, perhaps 1 or 2 hours per week maximum. The return on this time investment is very significant.

An article on vendor credit recoveries: read here

Caatalyst Statement Credit Audit

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