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Performance Improvement

Lessons learnt, processes improved

We understand that our Clients want to learn the lessons from the audit work that we carry out for them.

Our Detailed Audit Report produced at the end of the project summarises the results with full detail of the type and reasons for error found during the audit.

Every Claim has a Root Cause explanation code with full narrative from the auditor concerned giving you insight to our Audit results. Recoveries are benchmarked against overall spend and peer Client companies.

Our detailed Vendor Master Scrub Report. This report will highlight all duplicate and potentially erroneous vendors within the vendor master file.

Our Vendor Analysis Report gives you great insight into the large amounts of transaction data that we have reviewed, greatly aiding vendor rationalisation programmes.

We work with your accounts payable team at audit end to produce a concise and relevant Best Practice Recommendations Report that can help improve processes.

All of this value-added work is normally included in our contingency percentage fee.

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